by Rebecca Ndodi



spotted x trending

Hi guys!

How are you ?
I feel great ! I have to get ready because I'm going to movie theater in a bit.
Even with a closet full of clothes I don't know what to wear sometimes...

When I don't know what to wear, I go look for some inspiration on blogs.
I have been seeing a few trends that I really like so I thought, why not share it ?

The first trend I spotted is the 'lace up' top.
I find it super feminine and sexy.
However... I don't think I could pull this look off.
I have a small waist en large bust(for my frame)
When I show a lot of cleavage,
I look as if I'm trying too hard ...

This next trend I love love love.
It's a throwback from the 90's.
'The choker' can make an outfit classy or
grungy depending on how you wear it.
It comes in different varieties.
Even in lace or jewelry.
You can also pay with it and stack it.

The last trend I spotted and really like
 is the 'off shoulder top'.
I'ts not hot enough right now where I live,
but I'm pretty sure I will buy one for this summer.

I really have to get ready right now hahaha.
I think I will go for the choker .

Which one of these 3 trends do you prefer?
What is your favorite trend at the moment?
Leave a comment down below or tweet me ! I would love to know!


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