by Rebecca Ndodi


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Hello lovelies!

A few weeks ago I did a review about Rituals products I loved.
I worked in the Rituals for a short while.
I asked my co-workers what their favorite hacks were.
Today I'm going to share the hacks with you, so you can enjoy the products even more!

  • They have amazing fragranced candles. When the wax burns up, your left with a beautiful glass cup that you can use to store make up brushes.
  • If your not in to candles, then give fraganced sticks a try. When the liquid completely evaporates you can wash the bottle out and use it as a vase. 
  • Use the the tea tin to store some cotton disk or cotton swab on your make up table.

The Ritual of Karma is my absolute favorite fragrance.
It's the limited edition of the summer.
Here are some more hacks:

  • The body mist can be used on the body and bed linen. Store it in the fridge and refresh your self on a hot summer day.
  • Spray the mist on your bed linen when they it't still wet, before you put them in the dryer.    That way the fragrance will attach to the linen even more.
  • Use the scrub on the shower foam or shower oil, so it has more grip and doesn't crumble of your skin. That way you can enjoy your scrub even longer!

Thank you for my co-workers for the hacks!
If you try them out let me know and tweet me or leave a comment down below.

Have a blessed week !


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