by Rebecca Ndodi

about me

Hi Lovelies

If you didn't guessed it yet my name is Rebecca hahaha.
Welcome to my blog!
Born in the early 90's in The Congo, but raised in Belgium.
Growing up, I was 'that' quiet awkward kid.
And I always felt like I didn't fit in...
I always had a huge passion for style and fashion.
So that is how I expressed myself.Through my style.
Not to fit in or to be like everyone else. But just because it made me feel confident and happy.

When I was around 14, I discovered fashion bloggers.
Girls from al around the world sharing their style and inspiring others.
How ever I didn't found a lot of bloggers who looked like me...
So I decided to start my own blog and share it with everybody.

On my blog you will not only find outfit and streetstyle posts.
I also share tips, trick and hacks because adulting is hard hahaha.
I believe that you don't have to break the bank to look and feel good.
And also a blog about lifestyle en fitness tips because it's also important to feel good,
not only to look good.

If you agree about the statement above, you are on the right blog!
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Don't be a stranger feel free to leave a comment or ask anything.
I hope you will have a nice day


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