by Rebecca Ndodi


Back at it again

Hello lovelies

After a few months of silence, I'm back.
You probably wonder why I have been away for so long.
Well, it was a mix of a health scare, self doubt and priorities.
I needed a break to do some self reflection.

Now that I got my priorities straight, I'm back at it again.
I thought about apologising for being away this long.
But I'm not really sorry.
Sometimes you need to do what's best for you.
When I'm ready perhaps I will share with you all what really had happened.

On a happier note, I don't know about you but I had a great summer!
I didn't really go on a vacation, but I really took time to do things I enjoy.
I went to the seaside, visit a city I never went to before for a day, spent quality time with family,...

I went to Lille for a day
It's a small city in France.
I was pleasantly surprised, I really liked the city.
And this is what a wore.

The top is from Bershka
Pants from Dr denim
Shoes from Superga 
Bag from For ever 21
Sunglasses from Ray Ban

I will post more outfits so stay tuned!
I hope you will have a awesome week ;)


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