by Rebecca Ndodi


green fur

Hi lovelies !

How are you? I hope you are doing great !
I'm doing amazing, except for the fact that I'm freezing my 'behind' off these days...
Even though technically speaking, it's still fall!

So I revisited my closet essentials for this season.
And I decided to invest in a new fur coat and this is how I styled it.

I went for a green fur coat.
A little bit unusual for, me since 
I mostly wear black white or grey.
But sometimes I like pieces that stand out.

If you want to know where I bought my coat
and the rest of the outfit go to my Intagram ,
I tagged my whole outfit.
And don't be shy and give it a thumbs up !

For this shoot I worked with the talented Nikki.
To see more of her work go visit her page!
And if you like what you see, give it a thumbs up ;)

What is essential in your wardrobe this season?
Leave a comment down below or comment on my Insagram ;) !


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